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You can also reach us online. All Rights Reserved. Criminal Law. Defending Against Criminal Charges Charged with a crime? We offer representation for a wide variety of charges, including: Operating a Vehicle Impaired OVI One reason to fight an OVI is that you and your lawyer can mitigate or eliminate your charges.

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Optional consequences that the judge can employ include: Probation Community service Substance abuse treatment Ignition interlock Vehicle forfeiture These optional items become more likely with each subsequent charge. Contact the Firm.

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What Is a Class 5 Felony in Ohio?

Office Location E. In order to be charged with many types of criminal offenses, the alleged offender must commit the act in question with one of the following mental states:.

Portage County felony lawyer Dan Weisenburger: fighting drug trafficking charges in Ohio.

If the alleged offender has the required mental state, or guilty mind, they cannot be found guilty of the crime unless their mental state was coupled with an act in furtherance of the crime. For example, the act of murder involves purposeful conduct.

FAQ - Felony Drug Charges

If the killing of another is accidental, the individual is not guilty of homicide, but may instead be guilty of criminally negligent homicide since they did not have the requisite state of mind. Similarly, the crime of larceny, theft or stealing only constitutes a crime if a person thinks about the act and then takes steps or attempts to take or steal an item.

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If the thought to commit an act is not combined with the act in furtherance of the offense, the alleged offender cannot be found guilty by the judge or jury. The Ohio Revised Code also enumerates other offenses, such as traffic and liquor control violations, in addition to other miscellaneous crimes. Municipal ordinances in Columbus address mirror misdemeanor violations, but also cover local matters, such as the following:. Municipal ordinances are created and enforced by the city. Under the Ohio Constitution, municipalities cannot create or prosecute felony offenses. Contact the Joslyn Law Firm today for a consultation about your alleged criminal offense in Columbus, Ohio.

It is important to hire an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney to help you avoid the most serious penalties and repercussions in your particular case.

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