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Today, one-hundred and fifty years later, the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds is proud to serve a new generation of Americans with similar hopes and dreams. Today that dream continues with every new recording of a land purchase or transfer of property. Of the 45, licenses issued across the State of Missouri, over 6, couples -- approximately one of every seven -- come to Jackson County to obtain their license. For more information on obtaining a Marriage License click here. Paper, digital and microfilm records are preserved for timely access and retrieval at either our recording offices or underground Records Center.

Court of Appeals of Kansas.

When documents are recorded in our office they become permanent record and cannot be altered. To determine what someone owns after the sale of a portion of land, you would need the original legal description and the description of any pieces sold. A survey may be required for a new legal description. Who keeps the documents I submit for recording? Once a document is recorded it is returned to the filer.

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A digital copy is kept at the Register of Deeds office and a microfilmed copy is stored at the salt mines in Hutchison, Kansas. Can I find out who owns a particular piece of property? A call or visit to the Register of Deeds Office with an address or legal description will enable us to determine who owns the property.

Can I verify my date of birth or age in your department? Kansas law allows us to provide verification from county school census records. Kansas Department of Health and Environment Office My spouse recently died.

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How do I change the name on my deed? If you owned the property in joint tenancy, you need to file a certified copy of the death certificate in the Register of Deeds Office at Jefferson Street in Oskaloosa.

This will remove the name of the deceased party from the title to the real estate. A new deed will not be made but the records will reflect that one party is deceased. Can you record a deed for property located outside of Jefferson County? No, the property must be located in Jefferson County. A list of Register of Deeds contacts can also be found at the following website.

Kansas Register of Deeds Association How do I record or get a copy of my military discharge DD? To record your military discharge papers, also known as DDs, bring the original discharge form to our office and we will record it while you wait. There is no fee for this service.

Jefferson County, KY Property Tax Calculator

We can then provide certified copies for you at that time or anytime thereafter. Request for DD What was the sale price for a particular property? The County Appraiser collects sales information which is used for property valuation purposes and is not open to public inspection. What is a lien? Many times the owners of property may owe money to various creditors. The lien allows creditors a means of preventing the property from either being sold or mortgaged until the debt is paid. There are many types of liens filed in the Register of Deeds Office: Internal Revenue and State Tax liens for non-payment of taxes and mechanics liens for labor and material furnished in repair of personal property.

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However, a mechanic lien on real estate is filed with the Clerk of the District Court. How do I find information about easements on my property? Our records will show any easements that have been recorded in our office.

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Some easements are also recorded on deeds and may not be easily located. Easements are often difficult to find because many have not been recorded in our office. The services of an attorney or title company may be required to sort through easement issues.

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Can I find out how old my house is or get historical information about my house? Not in our office. For more detailed information you might try contacting the Jefferson County Genealogical Society. Not all records are in the Register of Deeds Office. The Clerk of the District court will have court, probate, and divorce records.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Vital Statistics has birth, marriage, and death records.