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Campaigners are setting their sights on New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland after Victoria passed a new law to allow trans and gender-diverse people to change their recorded sex on their birth certificates on Tuesday, following a heated debate. Despite some reservations from independent members of parliament, the Victorian legislative council overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill, 26 to 14 on Tuesday night.

The Liberals opposed the legislation, with one MP claiming it would lead to women and girls being molested. The bill requires the person making the application to make a statutory declaration when nominating the sex to be recorded, and must include a statement from an adult who has known them for 12 months or more who believes the application is being made in good faith and supports the change.

The legislation passed the legislative council without amendment after a majority of independent members sided with the government to pass the bill.

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The new law came after what MPs described as some of the most intense campaigning in the state, with MPs saying they had received hundreds of emails from those in favour and those opposed to the legislation. Sign up to receive the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning.

Legal director of Equality Australia, Lee Carnie, told Guardian Australia that other states that had yet to change the law would now be the focus for campaigners. Life was brutal for s author Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy. So she took to fairy tales to write cleverly coded messages of resistance.

Bacteria move using a motor that is so amazingly complex it's been cited as proof of a miracle-producing deity.

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By Yvette Gray. Photo: Sue Tay and her partner Andrew were listed as having no relationship on their son Nathan's birth certificate. Key points: Unmarried Victorian parent couples told the ABC they were upset to find their relationship unrecognised on their child's birth certificate Victoria's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages said the rules were changed on September 21 to recognise de facto couples De facto couple parents who want a birth certificate acknowledging their relationship can apply for a fresh certificate.

Photo: The Victorian birth certificate for children of unmarried couples has until now stated there was "not any" relationship between parents at the time of their birth.

'Indoctrination of All the Children:' X Gender on Birth Certificates Falls in Line with LGBTQ Strate

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Her weapon was fairy tales.

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