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The divorce can be finalized in as little as 10 days if there are no minor children 90 days if you have children together. What are the grounds for filing for divorce in Oklahoma?

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The no-fault grounds for divorce in Oklahoma is incompatability. For more information, see Oklahoma Statutes Title Once you file for divorce, an Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice goes into effect. It prevents you and your spouse from doing the following while the divorce is pending: Selling or disposing of property; Damaging property; Taking money from bank accounts, except for necessities or usual course of business, without your written permission or court approval; Hiding your children or removing them from the State.

How to File a Divorce in Oklahoma |

This is a standard part of Oklahoma divorce. At the bottom of the Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice is a Waiver , which both spouse can sign if they have agreed to waive ther requirments of the injunction. If you have any additional questions regarding the Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice , you may need to contact an attorney licensed to practice in your state. What documents are included in the self-prepared Oklahoma DivorceWriter package? Do we have to be separated to get a divorce in Oklahoma?

There is no requirement that a couple live at separate residences in order to divorce in Oklahoma. Can I change my name in Oklahoma divorce proceedings?

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  4. When a divorce is granted in Oklahoma, a wife is allowed to resume her maiden or former last name. Section Where do I file my divorce papers in Oklahoma? In Oklahoma, divorces are filed at the District Court Clerk's office in the county of filing.

    A divorce may be filed in the county where the spouse who files for divorce the Petitioner has lived for the thirty 30 days immediately before filing divorce or in the Oklahoma county in which the non-filing spouse the Respondent lives. What are the Oklahoma residency requirements for filing for divorce? One or both spouses must have been a resident of Oklahoma for six 6 months immediately before filing for divorce. Any person who has been a resident of any United States army post or military reservation within the State of Oklahoma for the last six 6 months may file for divorce in Oklahoma.

    For more information, see Oklahoma Statute Title 43 Sec. Where do I find this Waiver? This document serves more than one purpose.

    Get answers to common questions about divorce in Oklahoma.

    First, it notifies the each spouse of actions they are not allowed to take while the divorce is pending unless the Court issues an Order saying otherwise. For a full list of actions that are prohibited, read the Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice and Waiver very carefully. Once the divorce is finalized, the Temporary Injunction is lifted and no longer in force. Additionally, if both spouses have agreed to waive the requirements of the Automatic Temporary Injunction , each signs the Waiver located at the bottom of the Automatic Temporary Injunction Notice and files the signed document with the Clerk.

    Lastly, learn more about the court process on our Preparing for Court — By Yourself page. Note: The only exception is if you are filing for a divorce based on the ground of insanity, and either spouse is in an institution outside of Oklahoma. In that case, the spouse who files for divorce must be a resident of Oklahoma for at least five years before filing for divorce.

    Grounds are legally acceptable reasons for divorce. The judge can grant you a fault-based divorce for the following reasons:. Alimony is financial support paid by, or to, your spouse.

    Oklahoma Child Custody and Divorce Law Myths

    You can get alimony with or without a divorce. Judges may consider many different factors when determining whether to order alimony and how much alimony to order.

    Oklahoma Divorce

    The amount of alimony is generally up to the judge, and, unlike many other states, the judge does not rely on a set formula or list of factors. McLaughlin , P. Fisher , P. While divorce laws vary by state, here are the basic steps that a person may have to follow to obtain a divorce:. The Oklahoma Bar Association gives answers to frequently asked questions about divorce , including questions about the grounds for divorce in Oklahoma.

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    We provide these links for your information only. Oklahoma divorce requirements recognize this as happening when both types of property is commingled. Marital property in Oklahoma is that property acquired during the course of the marriage, with martial industry, regardless of who purchased it or in whose name the title is. Martial property additionally includes any money earned by either party during the marriage, unless the funds were generated from separate property. Marital property will divide as closely to equally as the court finds just and equitable.

    Unlike in community property states, in Oklahoma the court has discretion to divide more property to one party than the other, if fairness so dictates. This is where the representation of an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney can be valuable. If you and your spouse cannot agree on the issues in a divorce, the Oklahoma Divorce court will decide the issues after a trial on the merits. At the conclusion of a trial, the court will decide how the marital property will be divided, who will pay which debts, and which person will have possession of certain marital property, such as the marital home.

    However, the courts highly encourage agreements between spouses. When agreement cannot occur, our attorneys will apply maximum pressure in the courtroom to insure that you receive fair treatment. An often questioned Oklahoma divorce requirements prohibits a person from remarrying in Oklahoma within six 6 months after the finalization of a divorce.

    The law goes on to say that its a crime to violate this rule. One day I believe this law will be stricken down as unconstitutional. This provides the opportunity for people divorcing in Oklahoma to remarry during the waiting period. This is though, so long as the marriage occurs in another state and under the laws of another state.

    Residency Requirements For Filing For Divorce In Oklahoma

    Further according to Oklahoma Supreme Court precedent, a marriage conducted in another state during the six 6 month waiting period will be considered valid in Oklahoma and not voidable. Copeland v. Stone, P. However, Oklahoma statutes have addressed this loophole by making it a crime for a person under the six 6 month waiting period to remarry in another state and then co-habitate in Oklahoma during the waiting period.

    The crime is felony adultery. Whether this crime passes constructional muster, is up for debate, though, as there is no case law addressing this issue. Are you looking for Tulsa attorneys who will fight aggressively for you? Our team of legal separation attorneys have the experience needed in Oklahoma law to secure the outcome you deserve.

    Call us today for a free consultation or contact us online. Dividing Your Business in a Tulsa Divorce can be the most difficult asset to deal with in divorce. In many ways starting a business is as emotional as getting married. Just like…. Read More. Stepparent adoption is now the most common type of adoption.